Thursday, November 12, 2009

Stitching on the iphone . . . . .


“Ok, what’s he talking about now?  Stitching?”  I finally found an app that will automatically stitch together photos.  No human intervention.  Cool.  I have a program on my pc that does it, but the one I had on my iphone was not automatic.  ■  What is stitching?  If you take multiple photos (like the top 2 above) the program will automatically “stitch” them together.  This allows for panoramic photos.  I like it!  ■  Lots of work this week as John, who normally fills in the hours that I’m not there, has a full-time job now.  So, I’m now working lots more.  ■  Cut the backyards today – really just mulching up the leaves.  Maybe one more cut this year and then time to put the mower up for the winter.  ■ 

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