Monday, March 23, 2015

Snow in March . . .


We were expecting a couple of inches, but it look more like 5-6 inches on top of my grill.  Just when we thought winter was over.. … ■  My desk/office reorg is taking longer that I thought – heck longer than it should.  I look at all the stuff and wonder what to do with it.  If I were smart I’d just bring a large trash bag up here and just throw it all out.  ■  Went and saw our old bass player’s new band – actually one of his new bands – Yesterday’s Children.  10 people in the band – 5 piece horn section, drums, guitarist, bassist, keyboardist and singer.  They were good.  Lots of Chicago, Buckinghams, Ides of March, etc.  Really good.  ■ 

Friday, March 20, 2015

Car working . . . new drawing order ….

My 15 year old Honda CRV032015_001 was overheating.  The temperature gauge would climb from normal to high and then go back down to normal.  I finally thought to check the coolant level for the radiator.  It was low, so I bought some, filled it up and drove the car to test it.  Yup, it seems I was just low in coolant.  An easy fix.  That’s something I’ll have to remember to check every so often.  ■  Got an order for a pen & ink of a home.  That’s a picture of it in this post. That driveway must be a PITA to shovel in winter!  ■  We’re going to Kenosha, Wisconsin this coming Sunday afternoon to see a  band our old bass player is in.  The band does a lot of Chicago, Buckinghams, etc horn music.  The band starts at 3:00 pm so I thinking we’ll leave here early enough to drive up there and have lunch at the bar before the band starts.  ■  TFB.  ‘Night.  ■

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

A Flight of Fancy . . . . .


Another bird painting completed.  This one’s a Blue Jay.  ■  The temps are coming up – spring is in the air.  The snow is melting and the dog’s feet are muddy.  We like the warm temperatures, but not the mud.  ■  Practiced with Pat this past Saturday afternoon  and will practice again tonight.  I might join him  for a few songs this Saturday night.  Songs – City of New Orleans, Lyin’ Eyes, Knockin’ On Heavens Door, Dock of the Bay, Love Is A Rose, Down By The River.  ■  Need to get my minimal recording studio set up.  Dying to record some stuff.  ■

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Sad day.

My daughter called me this afternoon and asked if her Uncle Jym had passed away.  She had seen something on facebook about him.  I don’t have a facebook account, so I have to rely on others that do.  And, yes, it seems that Jym has passed away.  No other details at this point.  We’ll probably find out more tonight via facebook.  ■