Saturday, November 28, 2009

Handrails and set lists . . . . .


Aside from eating turkey and caramel-apple pie, we got our handrail put up. It’s been a long time coming, but I bought new brackets a week ago, but just didn’t have the time to get it put up.  And who comes to my rescue – Jac.  Not only his he good with mechanical stuff like cars (mechanical things like cars have always a mystery to me), but he can also find his way around general house things.  I’m not so


good at that.  And to set the record straight – I was around to hold the rail up while Jac actually attached it to the wall.  Thanks, Jac!   ■  Holly’s foot is slowly healing.  She and Ellyn (our band photographer’s wife and good friends) is over to have dinner and watch a movie or two.  ■  We have a gig tonight at AJ’s Horsin’ Around.  It doesn’t start until 10:00 pm – 10:00 – 2:00 am.  It’s a long night.  I won’t get home until after 3:00.  That’s the set list for tonight on the left.  ■  On to the gig shortly . . . . . ■

The BIG moment!


They’re engaged.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

3 turkeys - 8 people . . .

There's 44 pounds of turkey on the table.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

It’s been a busy week . . . . .

It has been a busy week.  I’ve been working a ton of hours due to some of our music teachers being ill this week.  Heck, I’ve even had to teach some lessons.  And may have to do the same tomorrow.  ■  Holly had a doctor’s appointment on Monday to look at her foot and see how it is healing.  It’s going well, but she has to stay off her feet as much as possible.  I guess that means that if it snows on Thanksgiving she won’t be able to go out and shovel.  Bummer.  ■  I’ve been working on a drawing of a home, but haven’t completed it yet due to more hours at work – less time for drawing.  ■  It’s time for bed for me.  I’ve got lots of food shopping to do before I have to work at noon tomorrow.  ■ 

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Gig tonight . . . laundry tomorrow . . . . .


Got a gig tonight (that’s the set list on the left) at Jimmy D’s in Algonquin.  I’m looking forward to it.  Should be a good time.  ■  Tomorrow I have to do laundry.  I haven’t done my own laundry since I was in the Navy.  It’s been a long time, but I think I can manage.  Just throw everything together in the washer, put in the soap and let it go.  ■  Ran the mower over the backyards today to mulch up the last of the leaves.  I’m done with it until spring.  ■  Holly’s able to get around somewhat, but slowly.  This will take some time to heal.  And that’s why I’m doing laundry!  ■

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A way to brighten your day!


The flowers and the corn were brought over by our neighbor Jean for Holly.  Holly had one of her feet operated on today and is now in recovery mode.  Thanks Jean!  ■  The operation was a success.  Now it’s at least 6 weeks of healing before she can walk on it.  Right now she has a large “boot” on the foot which enables her to somewhat walk.  I think she’s pretty much restricted to the 2nd floor.  We’ll see how it progresses.  ■  Bullfrog may have a new years eve gig.  We’ll see how it pans out.  ■   

Waiting for food to cool, etc. . . . . .

I’m waiting for some food to cool enough to put in the fridge.  Come on food – get cool.  I need to get to bed.  ■  Busy day tomorrow – Holly gets one of her feet operated on; got to get a stair railing put back up; need to organize the practice area in the basement a bit – we’re practicing tomorrow night – first time in a long time.  ■  So, how many of you have played “Circle The Cat?”  Drives you nuts sometimes . . . . . ■

Monday, November 16, 2009

Gigs, a game, operations, drs. appts. . . . .


I’ve got a doctor’s appointment tomorrow morning.  Maybe I can find out why my left foot has been hurting for a few weeks.  ■  Holly goes for an operation on one of her feet on Wednesday.  She’ll be laid up for 6 weeks.  ■  Our niece Leah is in the hospital.  They’re still doing tests to find out what is ailing her.  Hopefully she’ll get out without any operations.  Cross your fingers and pray for her.  ■  Got a gig this weekend.  I’ve got to get posters made for another gig at the same venue and bring them with me when we play there.  ■  And I’m sure you’re wondering what the game is.  It’s called “Circle the Cat”.  You’ll have to try it.  Just got to the URL:  and have fun.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Ever have music, but not lyrics?

I do write songs.  The musical portion is, well, not easy, but not as difficult as the lyrics.  I can find chords and a temp, but the lyrics are tough.  In fact the tempo is the hardest part.  I know it sounds strange, but the tempo/beat is what drives the song.  I’ve been working on a song for the past month.  I’ve got the chords, but the tempo escapes me.  ■  It’s our next door neighbor’s birthday tomorrow.  He’s older than 59 – that’s all I’ll say.  Anyway, I’m slow cooking some ribs and some salmon tomorrow for the big day.  And I think we’ll also give him a birthday 5 pack – or a birthday 10 pack. We’ll have to see.  ■  I hate to say that it’s time for bed, but it is.  More tomorrow (Sunday).  Goodnight. . . . . . .

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Stitching on the iphone . . . . .


“Ok, what’s he talking about now?  Stitching?”  I finally found an app that will automatically stitch together photos.  No human intervention.  Cool.  I have a program on my pc that does it, but the one I had on my iphone was not automatic.  ■  What is stitching?  If you take multiple photos (like the top 2 above) the program will automatically “stitch” them together.  This allows for panoramic photos.  I like it!  ■  Lots of work this week as John, who normally fills in the hours that I’m not there, has a full-time job now.  So, I’m now working lots more.  ■  Cut the backyards today – really just mulching up the leaves.  Maybe one more cut this year and then time to put the mower up for the winter.  ■ 

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Posting . . . posting . . . I’m posting . . . . .


It’s been awhile since I’ve posted anything.  I’ve got to do it more often, but sometimes it’s late and I’m tired.  Not a good excuse, but I’m going to use it anyway.  ■  My days/hours at Dr. Wood’s Guitar Emporium have picked up drastically over the past couple of weeks.  It’s cut into my drawing time.  It’s good I’m able to make a little more money, but bad on the time to draw houses.  I’ve gone from working Monday-Thursday-Friday   to working Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday-Friday.  ■   And once again it’s late.  I’ve got to get some sleep.   ■  A new topic, before I grab some sleep – a new book to be published . . . interesting . . . . . .

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Warm Saturday . . . acoustic music . . . Metallica . .


A beautiful day.  Warm – in the high 60s and I didn’t even get outside.  Tomorrow is supposed to be warm too.  I’ve got to clean gutters out and mow/mulch leaves.  ■  Went out to Kelsey Roadhouse for dinner and to hear the Wiggelo-s.  The Wiggelo-s are my boss and Alex the vocalist from his band Alex and The Allstars.  There were a lot of people there.  And in true fashion Buddy (my boss) had me get up and do one song.  The picture above is Holly at the restaurant.  ■  And Metallica – I’m listening to some of their songs via YouTube – Enter Sandman and Nothing Else Matters.  ■  Oh, and tomorrow we’re hosting our Cribbage group.  Looking forward to that.  ■  Bedtime . . . or way past it!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Right foot – ok …. left one…. still sore . . . ..

No picture again.   Bummer, but now on to feet.  My right big toe is black ‘n blue, but ok.   For awhile I thought maybe I’d broken it.  Not so.  My left foot still has pain in/on the  back of the foot – the heel.  I’d hoped that it would be gone by now.  ■  I’ve got to clean the gutters this weekend.  Last year before I’d had a chance to clean them out for a final time the temps dropped and they froze.  I had water coming over the gutters instead of going down the downspout.  ■  Good night.  ■

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Now it’s feet . . . seriously . . . . .

My left foot has some kind of problem in the back heel – and it’s not on the bottom, but below the Achilles tendon.  Today I opened the front door to the drum shoppe and hit/ran over my big toe on my right foot.  The big toe on my right foot is aching.  So now I’m limping with my left and right foot.  Wonderful.  ■  Booked two more gigs at Jimmy D’s.  That’s good.  We need to book more gigs and I’ve got to do my part doing that.  ■   

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Feet . . . I think I’m ok . . . . .

This is, I think, something I’ll have to deal with for the rest of my life --- gout/arthritis/pain/limping/hopping/ . . . ok, maybe not hopping – but I’m not sure about that . . . . .   My gout attack on my right foot went-away.  I woke up with typical gout symptoms in my right foot.  I waited awhile before I call my doctor – then convinced that it was a gout attack I called my doctor’s office.  They advised me to call my rheumatologist, which I did.  Long-story-short – my gout disappeared.  Good and bad.  Good ‘cause it went-away, but bad, because my rheumatologist couldn’t stick a needle in the affected area and withdraw fluid – so they could test for gout.  This is long enough. . . . .  ■  Our luthier has found a full-time job with a guitar manufacturer.  This leaves a lot of hours that he worked now free – which I think/hope gives me more hours.  We’ll see.  ■  Time for bed. . . . . . . . night . . . . . . . .

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Feet . . .

I woke up this morning to gout coming back in my right foot.  Called the doc and am awaiting a call back.  I’m sick of this.