Friday, April 15, 2016

Imagination . . . . .


Do you remember when you were little and someone had a box that a refrigerator, or washer or dryer came in? You could make those into neat playhouses, or forts, or whatever.  Our granddaughters came for a week long visit, so I got a hold of a 3x3x3 foot box, put it together, cut a couple of doors and windows in it and voila – a fun time for kids to use their imaginations on.  They loved it and drew on with crayons. ■ Holly keeps asking me if I want to take it down and the answer is “no” so far. ■ Went to the VA and gave them information. We’ll see if I qualify for anything. Also stopped at the Federal Health Care Center.  I’m waiting to get an appointment with them. ■ Going to see Billy G play tomorrow night at a local restaurant. Should be fun. ■ TFB.  ‘Night. ■