Friday, December 25, 2015

Merry Christmas . . . . .


It was a nice Christmas this year.  Christmas Eve at our niece’s home with family.  Christmas day spent at home with Holly (mom), Aaron (son), and, of couse me.  And our 2 dogs.  ■  Our friends Cheryl and Bill and their daughter and son-in-law came over for Christmas dinner.  No turkey this year.  Ribs on the grill, corn casserole, baked potatoe, and flan for dessert.  ■  The  picture to the left is of Holl and Cheryl sitting on the couch with our 2 dogs and her pooch. (just look for the glowing eyes of the dogs)  The dogs played for hours.  Maybe not hours, but for a long time.  ■  Tomorrow our son leaves for a month going to Naples, Italy.  Which means his car goes in the garage and mine stays out.  Maybe I should get a remote car starter.  Hmmmm.  ■ 

Thursday, December 24, 2015

It’s the morning before Christmas …..

And all throught the house; folks were still sleeping; thank goodness no mouse.

I’ve purchased some things; to give as for gifts; I’m not sure I can find ‘em; my head’s in a tiff.

Flashlights and letters; candles and flame; if I can’t find these gifts; it’s only me to blame.

I’ve got bacon to smoke; a salmon too; got to get busy; there’s so much to do.

Got to get flowers; to pretty our table; that’s a quick run to Jewel; when I’m able.

Got a drawing to redo; it just didn’t turn out right; only one more; before I turn out the light.

I need to jump in the shower; and put on some clothes; pick up some dog stuff; that doesn’t smell like a rose.

We’ve got a new dog; Fern is her name; this is her first Christmas; will anything be the same?

She slept with us last night; curled up by my side; my arm around her for protection; to make her feel safe inside.

Abby slept with us too; she’s a sweetheart, you know; a bit big for the bed; but goes with the flow.

And now I must end; this missive for the year;  got shopping to do; before that first beer.

More later – maybe.

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Back again . . . . .


I used to use “Windows Live Writer” for writing these blog posts.  All of a sudden it didn’t work anymore as Microsoft has apparently stopped supporting it.  However they gave it to the open source community.  Very nice of them to do that.  I’ve liked the software for blogging and from the reviews I read on blogging software, most everyone gave it top marks.  At any rate I went off on a search for a replacement.  At the start of my search I didn’t know they had turned it lose to the open source community.  I read many reviews and even downloaded a couple of replacements, but none came close to “Windows Live Writer.”  Then I found that it was now open source and going by the name of “Open Live Writer.”  I’ve been saved!  ■  Busy Christmas season for me.  One more drawing I absolutley must finish before Christmas.  First some drawing and then to bed.  ■ Oh, the four houses above belong to four children of my client.  I’m sure the kids will love the gift.  ■

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

A little snow,


but nothing to shovel -   Thank goodness.  ■  Kind of out-of-breath today.  Some days are easier than others.  It’s strange that when I used to go up a flight of stairs it was no problem – not out of breath at all.  Now it’s different.  And having to come up from the basement and then go upstairs to the 2nd floor  -  it’s time to sit for quite awhile.  ■  Got our Christmas cards printed.  Holly wasn’t here so she had to trust me not write anything crazy.  I’ll leave it at that.  ■  Abby and I have been on a little road trip going to the bank, UPS, and Dr. Wood’s Guitar Emporium.  She gets a dog treat at the bank, but has to sit in the car at UPS and Dr. Woods.  ■  Had a little breakfast, but no lunch.  I’m thinking of Lou Malnati’s pizza for dinner.  Great pizza.  I know I shouldn’t have any, but a couple of small pieces should be fine.  ■  Time to get back to drawing.  ■