Monday, November 17, 2014

Yeah, it’s cold . . . . . .


. . . and it’s only November 17th!  We’re having temps like we’d have in late January and early February.  I’t cooooollllllddddd.  (That didn’t make it past spell check.)  ■  Rescheduled my diabetes doctor appointment today.  Now it’s scheduled for December 30th.  Scary.  ■  Did a Holiday Market at our local nursing home this past Saturday.  Talked to a lot of people.  Hopefully I’ll get some drawings out of it.  ■  Got some pics today from Libby and Jay with the grandchildren out in the snow.  They had more snow (probably 3/4 of an inch) than we did.  ■  It’s late, I’m cold, and it’s time for bed (TFB).  ‘Night.  ■

Thursday, November 13, 2014

New gutters–done…..


New gutters were put on today.  Everything looks good.  ■  And thanks to my neighbor Jac, I spray painted the lights that flank the garage and he put them back up for me.  Thanks, Jac.  ■  Trying to see if the Jawbone up3 is out yet.  It’s a device that can measure your heart rate, track your sleep, and play your favorite tunes.  Just kidding about the tunes.  I’ll check out the other wrist bands from other companies to see what their products offer.  ■  The weather has turned cold.  Had a few snowflakes tonight while I was grilling.  ■  TFB.  ‘Night.

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Coming along . .. . … .


They say they’ll be done today.  Hard to believe as it seems that there’s so much to go.  ■

Afib and siding . . . .

Had an appointment with my cardiologist on Thursday.  Everything was normal until he took my pulse.  He then said “we’re going to do an EKG110814_001.”  Nurse came in; hooked me up to the EKG machine; ran the test; and said you’re in Afib.  This is the 3rd time I’ve been in Afib.  The first two were resolved with electro-cardioversion.  ▄  Electrical cardioversion is a procedure in which an electric current is used to reset the heart's rhythm back to its regular pattern (normal sinus rhythm). The low-voltage electric current enters the body through metal paddles or patches applied to the chest wall. ▄  I got a burn from the last one I had done.  They had to hit me twice to turn the ol’ engine over.  I’ve got an appointment in a few weeks to see him again and decide what should, or shouldn’t be done.  ■ ■  Our house is getting new siding.  They’ve taken the old siding off, insulated it, wrapped it and are in the process of install the new siding.  It should look nice.  ■  Cribbage tonight.  We’re hosting it.  ■

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Furnace fixed . . . . .

Got the furnace fixed.  It was a minor problem, but still expensive $98 just to come out and then the repair on top of that.  At least we’ve got heat downstairs again.  Had it up to 66º degrees and it felt hot.  The temps in the living room with the colder weather have been hovering between 59º and 64º – mostly around 62º.  ■  Worked on and finished our Christmas card for 2014.  Now I’ve got to go and get them printed – and then written, addressed and sent.  ■  TFB.  ‘Night.  ■