Sunday, November 29, 2015

Down on the farm . . . . .

Just a quick painting from a photograph of a farm someplace in New YorkNY_Farm_002.  It was fun painting it.  ■  Still have more pen and inks to draw.  Got to keep busy and get them done.  ■  Holly’s off on a business trip tomorrow.  ■  Still kind of looking for another dog.  Abby needs the company, I think.  ■

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

No new dog today . . . . .

112515_001No new dog today.  We took Abby out to the animal shelter to look at Ellie.  Abby snarled at her.  Not good.  I’m thinking that maybe Abby likes the attention that she gets at home being the only dog.  I’ll take Abby back tomorrow to give it another try, but I’m not hopeful.  Bummer.  And apparently there’s still one German Shepherd puppy that the wife of one of our guitar players still has left from a litter of 8.  I just don’t know if I can do a puppy that turns into a large dog.  ■  Nice Christmas card painting, huh?  Time for bed (TFB)  ■

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Busy . . . drawing still to do ……


I need to get to bed.  It’s 1:45 am and here I am still up.  Got to go and kick Abby out of my spot so I can go to sleep.  susan_connors_card_002_small■  Finished a drawing today.  (why is this blog software putting in chunks of space between sentences?)  This is a beautiful home in North Carolina.  I did a Christmas card for it just ‘cause I wanted to and my eyes needed rest from drawing.  ■  Tomorrow Holly has a test at the hospital and in the afternoon I’m driving out to an animal shelter with Abby to take a look at a dog, or maybe more than one dog.  We’ll only get one dog, but might look at several.  ■  Ok, TFB.  ‘Night.

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Here comes winter . . . . .


Our first snow of the winter season this year – November 2015 – March 2016).  Started last night and looking out the window now I can see it’s still snowing.  And I’m forbidden to heft a shovel and help clear my sidewalks and driveway.  The sidewalks are a bear as I live on a corner.  Seems like acres of sidewalks.  The drive way slopes somewhat steeply from the garage down to the street.  It’s hard to shovel because it’s on such an angle.  I can’t ever remember slipping and falling on it, but I’ve come close – as has my neighbor and Holly I know has slipped and fallen a couple of times.  Not a good driveway for winter conditions.  ■  We’re redoing the “kid’s bathroom.”  While I’m not physically helping (probably a good thing for the guy that’s doing it, I have been running errands for stuff we need for it.  It’s been keeping me busy.  ■  I forgot to post this last night/early this morning.  ■  Got to get the snow shoveled. 

Friday, November 13, 2015

Pen & Ink, Paintings, Paris . . . . .


I’m starting over on a pen & ink I’d been working on.  The roof lines just weren’t working in the view I had.  ■  On another note, I’ve finished (I think) with a Christmas card for a customer.  That’s it in this post.  Got the lights on in the house, the snowman with the builder’s footprints; the snow covered trees; Santa’s sleigh marks on the roof; and Santa flying away to his next stop.  ■  And Paris. 150 dead. I don’t understand people. ■

Sunday, November 1, 2015