Saturday, February 27, 2010

Gig tonight . . .


Got a gig tonight.  That’s the set list on the left.  I’m looking forward to a fun time tonight.  ■  I finished the steroids yesterday that the doctors had put me on for my stiff neck.  Today it seems as that stiffness is coming back.  At least I’ve got a doctor’s appointment for Monday morning.  ■  It’s time to put the last of the gig stuff in the car and get going. 

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Relaxing . . . almost . . . . .


A quiet day at work.  Went in early as I’ve been doing all week as our store manager is on vacation.  ■  Got a gig coming up this weekend.  Looking forward to it.  I need to do a little equipment upkeep.  My regular gigging amp fell over in the car on the way home from the last gig.  I need to plug it in and make sure it’s working.  Otherwise I’ll have to use another one of my amps.  ■  My neck keeps getting better daily.  My up and down motion is pretty much back to normal, but the side-to-side motion is still restricted and somewhat painful.  ■  Lots to do tomorrow before leaving for work.  Someone wake me up early!  Just kidding.  The dogs get me up at 4:30 am daily.  ■  TFB.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

It’s early Wednesday morning . . . . .


. . . and I'm not in bed yet. I've got this bad haibt of snyitag up too late. I seem to get a dadeerd scoend wnid. Not good for long selnipeg tmies.  ■ I've wctehad more Olyicmps tahn I thugoht I wloud at tihs pniot. ■ One of our key ppolee, the store magnaer is gnoe this week on vaacotin. His ansebce is gviing me a lot of ertxa horus to wrok this week. ■  I've got a lot of danrigws to work on. Acualtly I tinhk I've got about 15 of them to get done and all of a sedudn my dnraiwg tmie has a cimrp put in it. ■ Tmie for bed.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Home again, but the snow is falling . . . . .


Good to be out of the hospital and back home.  The snow is falling.  Not a lot of accumulation, but enough.  ■  Made some additions/changes to the Kalo Foundation website.  That took some time, but I still have more to go.  ■  Between drawing – and I really need to devote more time to that, the Kalo website, and work – the minutes in my day are really eaten-up!  ■  And it looks as if my poor, old, desk clock may have bitten the dust.  It was stuck on 8:45 when I got home yesterday.  I changed the battery, reset the clock and now when I look at it it’s back to 8:45 and not going anywhere forward fast – or maybe slow.  I’ll have to replace it as I do depend on it when I’m in my office.  ■ 

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Home again, home again, gigity gig . . . . .

. . . Out of the hospital just to cook a little pig!022110_001  ■  Yes, I’m finally out of the hospital.  They released me around 4:30 pm.  Holly and I quickly drove to Jewel to get a med I was prescribed.  Luckily we got there before the pharmacy closed.  While I waited to the med, Holly drove up to Sam’s Club and picked up some ribs – which I did on the grill.  Delicious.  ■  Being in the hospital for a few days has put me behind schedule on drawing and updating the Kalo website.  Got some catchin’ up do.  ■  Lots to do tomorrow:  make some doctor’s appts, do some drawing, do some updates on the Kalo website.  ■  At any rate, it’s great to be back home in comfortable surroundings.  Nothing like home, sweet, home.  ■

Breakfast --- I crushed it!

As Jay would say. ••• still in the hospital, but hoping to come
home today. I still have to see the physical therapist, the nuerologist, and the regular
doctor before I can get released. •••

Friday, February 19, 2010

Still in hospital . . . . .

Still in the hospital, nut I think I may be getting out tomorrow.
••• Jad a number of tests today. Blood tests, another MRI,
fluid withdrawn from my spinal column, and fluid withdrawn from a
joint on my foot. ••• time for bed.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

More tests . . . . .

Another MRI and maybe a spinal tap to check for meningitas.

EMR visit

Went to the ER early this morning. Just finished an MRI. Have I ever
told you how much I detest MRIs?
That's the view from my room in the ER.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Can’t turn my head

I have such a bad headache and neck problem – I can’t turn my head to the left.  Turning it to the right also is very painful.  And my head aches.  Painfully.  I’ve had this since Sunday.  I took 8 aspirin today and nothing.  No relief at all.  I’ve been trying to draw for the past few days and just trying to turn my head in a downwards position  to try and draw causes a lot of pain. 

Monday, February 15, 2010

Tell me they’re not cute!

That’s a picture of our two dogs.  021510_001Cute, aren’t they?  I’ll have to kick Zoe, the dark one, out of bed tonight.  Heck that’s almost every night.  ■  I woke up with a crick in my neck this morning.  I can hardly turn my head to the left – and turning it to the right isn’t much better.  ■  Got called into work early today.  That drastically cut into the time I’ve got to draw amongst other things.  ■  I’ve got some major items to do on the Kalo Foundation website coming up.  This will get me back into some hand coding for the site.  Should be some interesting stuff.  ■ 

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Two gigs . . . and I’m tired and sore . . . . .


We had two gigs this weekend.  The first one was Friday night where we played in a very nice venue on a large stage.  But we were contracted to play from 10:00 pm to 2:00 am.  Those are late hours.  I didn’t get home until after 3:00 am and then not to bed until 4:00 am.  I was so tired and sore – every muscle ached.  ■  The gig on Saturday night was great!  We played at “Da Bear’s Den” in Fox Lake, IL.  It’s a very nice place with a great staff and delicious food.  We got to the gig early for dinner.  We both had a burger and fries.  The burger was excellent, but the fries were the best fries I’ve ever had – ever.  ■  Today, Sunday, we’re just kicking back.  Holly’s making soup and I’m working on a drawing.  A lazy Sunday.  Love ‘em.  ■

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Headlines . . . and stories . . . . .


Yup, we had an earthquake – the epicenter just about 50 miles from us.  I didn’t feel anything.  For some, the quake woke people up.  It was 3.8 on the Richter scale – not very large.  ■  I see Honda now has a recall going on for airbags.  I have a Honda CRV.  I’ll have to see if it’s one on the list.  And this is in addition to Toyota’s recall.  Bummer all the way around.  ■  And, of course, last, but certainly not least – a celebrity chef is wanting to change the foods we eat – to make us all healthier.  Just what I need to hear after buying some Twinkies!  I do have to say that Twinkies don’t taste as good as they used to when I was a kid – and I think that was about the last time I had them.  I still want to try a deep-fried Twinkie.  One of these days . . . . .  Oh, and so you know – that rumor going around that Twinkies have enough preservatives in them to keep them fresh forever is NOT true.  They’ll go bad after a few days.  ■  Tomorrow a blood test and work.  And more drawing.  ■  And I almost forgot – my best to Cheryl on her hip replacement surgery.  ■


Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The snow’s a comin’ . . . . . .


The snow’s a comin’ – at least that’s the word.  This is the view by Wrigley field in Chicago.  From letting the dogs out this morning it looks like we in Cary have a little more snow than that.  We’re supposed to get somewhere around 12” give, or take, over the next couple of days.  Shouldn’t be any big deal.  Plenty of time for the plows to work on it.  ■  Got a podiatrist appointment this morning.  We’ll see what the doc says about my foot.  ■

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Saints win . . . . .

The video is from the beginning of the Super Bowl party we attended.  A good time was had by all . . . and the food!  The food was great.  ■  A rather slow weekend, but a busy couple of weeks coming up.  ■  My arms have been aching lately.  Getting worse over time.  I think it may be one of my meds acting up.  I need to call my doc tomorrow to try and get in this week.  ■  Two gigs coming up this weekend – Friday night in Round Lake and Saturday night in Fox Lake, IL.  I’m looking forward to both.  ■  Bedtime.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Way back, way . . . way . . . back . . . . . .


Holly went up to Green Bay today to see her mother and brothers.  She stopped at “Zesty’s” and had a burger – I think.  This, I think, is some artwork depicting teens from approximately 10 years ago.  Time moves slowly in GB.  ■  Tomorrow I have a bunch of stuff to do, including some serious drawing time. ■  Sunday is a super bowl party.  ■  More tomorrow . . . . . .

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Decisions . . . . .


Just a quick post.  The village was out cleaning, I think, our sewer system.  That’s a village truck parked in front of my house.  It appeared to be as one-man job.  Pretty efficient.  ■  I’m in the process of making a decision to buy a new amp.  I need to decide what I have to trade in on it.  I do have a small amp farm, so getting rid of a couple of those wouldn’t be bad.  I could use the room.  ■  Back to drawing tomorrow.  ■  Oh, and I’m thinking of ordering a “Bacon Explosion” for the super bowl party.  Hmmm . . . sounds good.  ■  Speaking of which – it is tomorrow and I need to get to bed.