Sunday, December 4, 2016

First snow of Winter of 2016


The first snow of this winter.  And it coincided with Cary’s annual Merry Cary Parade. Lots of the parade participants line up in front of our house. The kids were making snowballs and when they ran out of snow on the ground they took it off our bushes. Some kids even made a snowman next door.  I’ll have to get a picture of that tomorrow. All in all it looks like we got a good 4-5 inches. ■  Our dogs were excited – so many kids to play with.  Oooo let us out. Couldn’t do it. 120416_002Sorry girls.  ■  The last photo below is of our patio with the snow piled up and the lights on the trees on.  It looks very pretty. 

■  I’ve got to make some time for my family search. I started it, but it’s got to be organized better. I’m running into stuff that I hadn’t expected, but should add it in to my data. There are genealogy programs out there and I downloaded one to try it out. It seems to have everything one would need, but I’m not sure it they have reports that would present the information that I’d want. ■


Friday, December 2, 2016

Ancestry–my family history?


Most people know their ancestry, or at least some of the close stuff. You know your father and mother, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, etc.  I’m adopted so none of that is easily known. I’ve never had any type of drive to try and discover my ancestry. My father and my mother were the ones that raised me. I’ve known that I was adopted since I was a little kid.  Nothing was ever hidden from me.  In fact my mother wanted me to search for my birth mother a long time ago. Just never had the interest. ■  A few months ago Holly and I decided to purchase AncestryDNA kits and find our genetic heritage. ■  The test showed I’m 84% - Scandinavian, 11% – Great Britain, 3% – Irish, and 2% Finland/Northwest Russia. ■  More than that I’ve discovered that I’m genetically linked to 147 4th cousins, or closer. My mother found my birth mother’s first and last name.  With that information I think I’ve located her.  She’s still alive and 85 years old. ■  Now I need someone to look at my research and tell me if I’m right, or wrong.  If right, then how do I contact/approach her.  Phoning is one way, but she’s in Fargo, ND, so it’s a long drive.  And I’m not even sure that I should be the one to approach her.  ■ 

Friday, July 15, 2016

Summer is going quickly . . .

How time flies. Faster and faster each year.  Too fast, me thinks. ■  Aaron’s home from Italy. Holly’s retired. I’m cutting the grass. ■  Spent a couple of days with Holly’s sister and Jim up at their camper in Kingston, Wisconsin.  The weather cooperated and we had a good couple of days along with great steaks, campfires, and lots of talk.  ■  Back home now and time to get busy and finish some stuff up. ■  And time for bed. ‘Nite.■

Friday, April 15, 2016

Imagination . . . . .


Do you remember when you were little and someone had a box that a refrigerator, or washer or dryer came in? You could make those into neat playhouses, or forts, or whatever.  Our granddaughters came for a week long visit, so I got a hold of a 3x3x3 foot box, put it together, cut a couple of doors and windows in it and voila – a fun time for kids to use their imaginations on.  They loved it and drew on with crayons. ■ Holly keeps asking me if I want to take it down and the answer is “no” so far. ■ Went to the VA and gave them information. We’ll see if I qualify for anything. Also stopped at the Federal Health Care Center.  I’m waiting to get an appointment with them. ■ Going to see Billy G play tomorrow night at a local restaurant. Should be fun. ■ TFB.  ‘Night. ■

Friday, March 25, 2016

Snow on 03/24/16 . . .


Not a lot of snow – just enough to make sure ol’ man winter hasn’t deserted us.

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Lost job.

The company Holly’s been working for has been going through a lot of changes. Lots of reorgs, new people coming in; employees going out. Today, Wednesday, was Holly’s last day. Bummer. Lots of changes coming in our life.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Dog pile . . . , yup, dog pile…….


Our new dog, Fern (the white and tan dog on top) has settled in with her big sister, Abby (larger black dog on the bottom.)  Fern will get on top of Abby to sleep and stay warm during our cold weather. ■ And they play together many times a day – running through the house; Fern pinging off of furniture; the sound of claws on our wood and tile floors; and the occasional bang when they hit our coffee table in the living room. ■ 

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Tree and maybe some snow .. .. .

Here's a painting of a tree I did via Brushes app on my iphone.  Did this quite awhile ago. Nothing significant about it.  ■  Whatsap'd tonight with Jean & Steve.  They're over in Scotland visiting one of their daughters and son-in-law.  ■  Supposed to get some snow tonight.  Shouldn't be much, but it'll make driving a bit slick.  ■ Still have my fingers shaking on my left hand. Not so much on my right hand.  Don't know what it means. And I had always thought I had steady hands.  This getting older is tough. ■  Time for bed (TFB)  It's after 2:30 am.  ■

Friday, January 29, 2016

Fern and the deer . . . . .

This is the 2nd time since we’ve had her that I’ve taken her out late at night and she spots a deer and takes off after it.  Bear in mind that she’s mostly white and she’s running on snow, so she’s hard to see.  I’ve called her and she’s stopped in our neighbor’s back yard – although I don’t know if it’s my command, or if she suddenly realizes that the deer is a lot larger than her.  ■

Sunday, January 10, 2016

A new year . . . . . .

Yes, a new year has started.  The old one went out easily and this new one has slipped in by itself, oh so quietly.  ■  Our temperatures have been warm with very little snow, although we did get a couple of inches tonight.  The bigger news is that the temperature is really starting to drop.  It’s 19° now and headed for a low of 3°.  Burrrrr.  ■  Fern, our new puppy, is doing well.  She and Abby play together a lot during the day.  Rugs are askew in the living room and front hallway.  Sometimes they’re on the bed with me and Ferndecide that it’s time to play.  At that point you’re just something that has to be stepped-over, or on.  ■  I painted a picture of Fern and Abby at the top of our stairs – waiting for me to come up.  This is it. ■  I think they’re both very happy with each other for company.  Fern follows her older sister’s lead and they usually snuggle together.  Fern needs the warmth from her bigger sister.  ■  Bought a new iPad a couple of days ago.  They were on sale and my original iPad has been slowly dying.  One of the principal programs I used on my old iPad was a program call “Brushes”.  The programmer rewrote it for the newer apple OS and it now stinks.  I’m going to have to find another painging program  ■  Time for bed. ‘Night.  ■

Friday, December 25, 2015

Merry Christmas . . . . .


It was a nice Christmas this year.  Christmas Eve at our niece’s home with family.  Christmas day spent at home with Holly (mom), Aaron (son), and, of couse me.  And our 2 dogs.  ■  Our friends Cheryl and Bill and their daughter and son-in-law came over for Christmas dinner.  No turkey this year.  Ribs on the grill, corn casserole, baked potatoe, and flan for dessert.  ■  The  picture to the left is of Holl and Cheryl sitting on the couch with our 2 dogs and her pooch. (just look for the glowing eyes of the dogs)  The dogs played for hours.  Maybe not hours, but for a long time.  ■  Tomorrow our son leaves for a month going to Naples, Italy.  Which means his car goes in the garage and mine stays out.  Maybe I should get a remote car starter.  Hmmmm.  ■ 

Thursday, December 24, 2015

It’s the morning before Christmas …..

And all throught the house; folks were still sleeping; thank goodness no mouse.

I’ve purchased some things; to give as for gifts; I’m not sure I can find ‘em; my head’s in a tiff.

Flashlights and letters; candles and flame; if I can’t find these gifts; it’s only me to blame.

I’ve got bacon to smoke; a salmon too; got to get busy; there’s so much to do.

Got to get flowers; to pretty our table; that’s a quick run to Jewel; when I’m able.

Got a drawing to redo; it just didn’t turn out right; only one more; before I turn out the light.

I need to jump in the shower; and put on some clothes; pick up some dog stuff; that doesn’t smell like a rose.

We’ve got a new dog; Fern is her name; this is her first Christmas; will anything be the same?

She slept with us last night; curled up by my side; my arm around her for protection; to make her feel safe inside.

Abby slept with us too; she’s a sweetheart, you know; a bit big for the bed; but goes with the flow.

And now I must end; this missive for the year;  got shopping to do; before that first beer.

More later – maybe.

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Back again . . . . .


I used to use “Windows Live Writer” for writing these blog posts.  All of a sudden it didn’t work anymore as Microsoft has apparently stopped supporting it.  However they gave it to the open source community.  Very nice of them to do that.  I’ve liked the software for blogging and from the reviews I read on blogging software, most everyone gave it top marks.  At any rate I went off on a search for a replacement.  At the start of my search I didn’t know they had turned it lose to the open source community.  I read many reviews and even downloaded a couple of replacements, but none came close to “Windows Live Writer.”  Then I found that it was now open source and going by the name of “Open Live Writer.”  I’ve been saved!  ■  Busy Christmas season for me.  One more drawing I absolutley must finish before Christmas.  First some drawing and then to bed.  ■ Oh, the four houses above belong to four children of my client.  I’m sure the kids will love the gift.  ■

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

A little snow,


but nothing to shovel -   Thank goodness.  ■  Kind of out-of-breath today.  Some days are easier than others.  It’s strange that when I used to go up a flight of stairs it was no problem – not out of breath at all.  Now it’s different.  And having to come up from the basement and then go upstairs to the 2nd floor  -  it’s time to sit for quite awhile.  ■  Got our Christmas cards printed.  Holly wasn’t here so she had to trust me not write anything crazy.  I’ll leave it at that.  ■  Abby and I have been on a little road trip going to the bank, UPS, and Dr. Wood’s Guitar Emporium.  She gets a dog treat at the bank, but has to sit in the car at UPS and Dr. Woods.  ■  Had a little breakfast, but no lunch.  I’m thinking of Lou Malnati’s pizza for dinner.  Great pizza.  I know I shouldn’t have any, but a couple of small pieces should be fine.  ■  Time to get back to drawing.  ■

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Down on the farm . . . . .

Just a quick painting from a photograph of a farm someplace in New YorkNY_Farm_002.  It was fun painting it.  ■  Still have more pen and inks to draw.  Got to keep busy and get them done.  ■  Holly’s off on a business trip tomorrow.  ■  Still kind of looking for another dog.  Abby needs the company, I think.  ■