Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Shocking ….. defibrillator went off


Got out of the shower today and toweling off my defibrillator went off.  They told me that if it ever went off I’d know it.  Believe me I knew it.  It was as if someone hit me in the upper chest and the lights flashed.  I hope I don’t go thru that again.  Got an appointment next week to interrogate the device (pacemaker/defribillator) to see what happened.  ■  Other than that I’ve got a drawing I’m working on and I’ve got a heck of a cold.  I haven’t had a cold in years.  ■  Got a doctor’s appointment this afternoon -  not with the cardiologist, but with my GP.  ■

Thursday, September 24, 2015

On our way to Louisille

Steve Randahl

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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Beautiful weather and flowers . . . . .

We’ve been having some beautiful weather for the past few days.  Hope it continues.  ■ 092315_001 This picture is of some of the flowers on our neighbor’s deck.  Very nice.  ■  Abby got a car ride to the bank and then Jewel today.  She loves going to the bank because they always give her dog treats.  Mmmm . .. .  let’s go to the bank.  ■  Off to see the grandchildren this weekend.  Should be a good time.  ■  Got to go and mow the lawn.  ■

Monday, September 21, 2015

Chili Fest, Venice . . . . .

092115_001Had another good Chili Fest this year.  It was the 22nd one we’ve had.  Lots of good food, cold beverages, warm friends, and fun music.  ■  Venice – our drummer’s daughter has written a book that let’s you choose your own path thru the story.  I’ve ordered 3 copies from Amazon and she’s going to autograph them for me.  The author’s name is Michelle Novak.  I’m really excited to get the books.  They should arrive tomorrow.  ■  Oh, here’s a link to the book on Amazon:  .

I’ve got a basement full of musical equipment to organize as well as a garage full the has to go down the basement.  Time to get to work.

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Makin’ Chili . . . . . 2015


Yup, makin’ chili .  . . .. Had my son, Aaron, helping me cut multiple tons of meat for the chili.  I think we have a total of approximately 24 lbs of meat.  Only 4 of beef and venison burger – the rest of beef and pork that had to be smoked and cut into  bite-sized pieces.  Believe me, that’s a lot of cutting!  Smoked 20lbs of beef and pork on Friday night.  Took 6 hours to do it.  Had there been some wind it might have taken a little less time.  No wind, but we did have rain and some doosies of lightning.  I was outside grabbing some wood chips to throw on the fire when a lightning bolt struck pretty close – close enough that I actually jumped.  Seemed like it was next door, although I’m sure it was a bit further away.  I thought that I’d get struck, but I still had to get the wood chips on the fire – so I didn’t panic.  I do wonder if my pacemaker kicked in.  ■  Made 2 batches of chili.  Aaron made the 2nd one and it’s gooooood!  I need to adjust the flavors of the first one to match the second.  ■  Zoe and I are in my office having out “quality time” – that’s where she sleeps for awhile and then starts her whining to get a biscuit. Then back to sleep.  ■  Cheryl and Bill are in for Chili Fest – the XXII one.  Bill is making a batch of his chili.  He makes the best.  It’s the one I always shoot to beat.  He’s the master.  ■  So now I’m up in the middle of the night – it’s about 2:00 am, posting to my blog.  I should be sleeping.  What’s the matter with me?  ■  I’m on new heart medication.  Was taking  Carvedilol twice a day – now taking Cartia Xt once a day.  Looking to see if I notice any changes.  So far I don’t.  Is that good, or bad?  Don’t know.  Maybe it’s good ‘cause I’m still standing upright (ok sitting at this moment).  ■  Jac, my across-the-street neighbor, made some great mole from a Rick Bayless recipe.  it’s great!  I’ve got to get the recipe.  ■  The weather looks promising for today – it’s already Saturday.  Hopefully no rain and cooler temperatures – perfect for Chili Fest.  ■  This is the XXII Chili Fest.  22 years of bringing good chili, friends, and cold beverages together in the fall.  Lovin’ it.  ■