Wednesday, February 22, 2017

This is what you get . . . .


. . . when your sit in your car waiting for a hour and a half for your wife’s flight to arrive. At least it’s colorful!  ■  Working on WordPress stuff. Getting test websites setup; browsing themes to see what might work best; reading and trying to absorb everything I can. I’m exhausted. ■  Still no letter. Checking every day’s mail.  One of our friend’s suggested that she might be in Florida for the winter. Could be. Maybe.  ■  My office is once again a mess. I can mess up my clean desk in 30 minutes – looks like I’ve never touched it. ■  Two doctor’s appointments this week. Both were ok. Increased the dosage on the med I take for headaches. We’ll see how that works out. It’ll probably leave me very tired the next day.  ■  Only one doctor’s appointment for next week. Hurrah!  ■  Back to WordPress stuff.  ■

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