Saturday, August 5, 2017

Finding my father ..…. . . .

At the beginning of this journey in finding my relatives I never thought that I’d be able to find my father. Mother, yes, but father – no. I started with my birth mother’s name. I found her, but had no name for the father. We had no clues to help us except that my mother had told the hospital that the two of them had been friends for several years. I had originally thought that she had met the father in Chicago where she was going to college. No so. This brought the search back to North Dakota.

Still no name to go on. Then on I new person popped up on my DNA results listing this person as a 1st-2nd cousin. No name for this person and I was thinking about contacting the person via Within probably a couple of days of having her pop up as a relative, she contacted me.  We exchanged emails and are continuing to do so. Now I had names. While I won’t give out names, my cousin had 3 uncles that were possibilities. Two of them had passed and one still living. While waiting for a response from my mother I began a search on the paternal side.

Facebook and telephone directories are great places to search. Looking through Facebook I came upon a person that looks like me. And I think his father is the uncle still living. I think I’ve found a half brother!

It’s almost 2 in the morning. I need to get some sleep. Goodnight.

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